Luck: The difference between your strength of schedule and the average weekly PPG scored against you. In practical terms, it measures how well your opponents do against you versus other teams they've played. A negative score means bad luck.

Timing: A constructed score that measures how fortunate your team has been in terms of scoring just the right amount of points at the right time. Points are awarded for winning, winning close games (<10 a="" against="" an="" and="" are="" awarded="" bad="" but="" difference="" for="" having="" i.e.="" inferior="" inverse="" items.="" negative="" not="" of="" opponent="" opponents="" p="" points="" pt="" still="" the="" those="" upset="" wasting="" weak="" week="" winning="">

Hanks #: The average differential between your actual weekly points scored and your optimal points scored. Your optimal points scored would consist of you best possible team in a given week, including any of your starters or your bench players. A high Hanks # indicates either you have had greater difficulty in picking the right starters, or that your bench consists of high-scoring positions (usually QB and/or RB).

Level 1 Hanks: A game is lost that could have been won with your optimal lineup. This only considers your team's possible scores.

Level 2 Hanks: A game is lost that could have been won with your optimal lineup. This considers both yours and your opponent's possible scores, and is therefore considered a more extreme Hanks.

MFN Hero: The act of picking up a player on Sunday night that is expected to play on Monday night, in the hopes that this new player will help to secure a win or allow you to come from behind and win. The pickup is called heroic if deemed to have made a difference in the outcome.

Magic Points: Additional points that appear on Monday and Tuesday mornings after Yahoo has reviewed the gameday points and made final adjustments. Occasionally Magic Points show up later in the week in the form of stat corrections.