Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rolling Win %

Setting our regular season winning percentages to a weekly trend over time:

What I've done here is just pick up 10 weeks into your AOD career, and computed your regular season winning percentage. Each week your W/L is added to the computation, which gives you a feel for whether you're improving or declining over time.

Some highlights:
* Briao took over the #1 spot for several weeks in 2006
* Rocketdogs has sat steady at just above .600 for about 7 years
* Fedden is on a 7-year slide, which stalled for a season in '06
* Monkey Biters has quietly built a 6-year upward trend
* Toughskins and A-Team have gotten closer and closer since their largest gap in '03
* Na Brown and Crenshaw got off to really rough starts; they settled into the pack for a while, but Crenshaw has steadily fallen out of the Tar Pit.
* Ditty is the streakiest player of all. He lost 8 in a row to finish the '07 season, started this year with 4 wins in a row, and now has lost three in a row again. He seems to be settling in Crenshaw/Phalcon land.

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